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CFO’s Question:

How can you, as my bank, help me in this age of high currency volatility & global trade tariffs?

Response by ICICI Bank:

ICICI Bank has extensive experience in foreign exchange, fixed income and derivatives markets and has successfully operated under various market conditions; across currencies (including INR and foreign currencies) as well as trades across instruments. With our long presence in the field, we have developed and institutionalized the expertise and capability to deal across different volatility regimes taking advantage of the existing market conditions.

We have a dedicated coverage team that works with individual clients to design bespoke risk and liquidity management solutions for their unique requirements. This is done keeping in mind cash flows, asset liability profiles, industry trends and your risk management framework and the prevailing market conditions. Philosophically, we believe in partnering with our clients and offering them various alternate solutions and their implications thereof.

Our inputs are based on the intelligence received from our Trading Desk and backed by the fundamental economic research carried out by our dedicated Treasury Research Team. Additionally, our regular market updates, basis both quantitative and qualitative research on topics related to macroeconomics and financial markets, helps us partner with our clients in their risk and liquidity management journey, providing them an umbrella of support and safety, rather than interact only on a transactional plane.

Our experienced pool of dealers, strong research team, and trained coverage teams that partner with clients, help us offer risk and liquidity management alternatives taking into account prevailing market conditions, market trends, economic climate, client preferences and risk management framework, and develop solutions designed to match their risk profile.


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