“ICICI Bank is our preferred partner for treasury transactions”

Relationships that Matter

Ajay Ponkshe, Head – Finance and Accounts and Legal & Secretarial, Tata International Limited speaks on his company’s long-standing relationship with ICICI Bank and why the country’s largest private bank remains an obvious choice for his company for Treasury Banking.

Q: What factors drove your decision to do Treasury Banking with ICICI Bank?

Ajay Ponkshe (AP): In India, it is important to not just do business the right way, but also to build relationships. The ICICI Bank Treasury Team is well versed in both. With their hands-on experience in various complex regulations, they provide us tailor-made solutions and with their zest to nurture relationships, they take pains to ensure that we understand the complexities. The Team is always ready to answer our queries no matter how insignificant or basic they may be.

Q: How has your relationship with ICICI Bank evolved over the years?

AP: ICICI Bank is one of our principal bankers and our relationship goes beyond two decades. Due to our long-standing relationship, it is our preferred partner for treasury transactions. The Teams at the Bank are very supportive and we have regular interaction with them which ensures that they understand and appreciate our treasury requirements.

Q: How has been ICICI Bank’s client coverage during volatile markets?

AP: We are extremely happy with the Bank’s Treasury Department coverage during volatile times. The Team is prompt with their pricing and research updates on market volatility. Further, they are responsive and supportive in providing us with customized solutions as per our requirements. We look forward to our continued association with ICICI Bank’s Treasury Team.

Ajay Ponkshe, Head – Finance and Accounts and Legal & Secretarial, Tata International Ltd

Q: Are the products of ICICI Bank’s Treasury team in-line with the Risk Management Policy of the company?

AP: We have used different strategies over time (Spot, Forward and Options) to minimise our risks and to protect our bottom line. ICICI Bank has been our partner in this endeavour and helped us decide and make strategic choices on the risk management front. By keeping us updated with information on economic development, available products, scenarios, sensitivities and pricing, the team provides us with a strong basis of factual and timely knowledge to counter risks. ICICI Bank team has a strong compliance orientation, which coupled with agility and flexibility to respond to changing market developments, is an added bonus for us. It is always a pleasure dealing with the well informed, supportive, helpful and friendly ICICI Treasury Team. The products offered by the Bank are in line with the Company’s Risk Management Policy

Q: What are your views on the research reports shared by the Treasury Team?

AP: The team at ICICI Bank stays abreast with the market and economic conditions – both globally and domestically – the impact and movement of prices, etc. With their insightful market intelligence, we have been able to determine opportune time periods and levels to enter into a structure.

The Bank Treasury Team is proactive with insights about the various scenarios which help us sail through time and again.


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