V Suryanarayanan, EVP & Group CFO, Mphasis Ltd

Know Your CFO

In a video interview with CFO Dialogues, V Suryanarayanan, EVP & Group CFO, Mphasis Limited speaks his heart out on his likes and dislikes and why finance is so close to him. Watch his full interview…


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One Comment to “V Suryanarayanan, EVP & Group CFO, Mphasis Ltd”

  • Very nicely penned article, backed up by relevant data points. The fact is well known and it is high time for all CFOs across other sectors besides telecom gear up for AI and analytics. These tools not only make the decision easier but also fast (which is equally important in this dynamic world).

  • It was a 360 degrees view of finance as a career to do a CFO role in a large listed company. Few can give this kind of candid view.

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